Soil Carbon Farming Comes of Age!

Announcing the World’s first Soil Carbon Taskforce and Industry Group

A new chapter in the Soil Carbon Farming industry begins as the Soil Carbon Taskforce has been formed under the Carbon Market Institute (CMI) umbrella.

The operational arm of the taskforce is the member-based Soil Carbon Industry Group (SCIG).

This timely formation brings together Soil Carbon industry practitioners with CMI’s decade of experience in carbon market development to transform and accelerate the development of the Soil Carbon Farming industry.

The SCIG has been formed to be a leader in facilitating the rapid drawdown of atmospheric carbon into soil, working with land managers, industry, and Government to deliver soil security and a safe climate. Both in Australia and Internationally.

The SCIG hold a vision to do this by:

  1. Promoting and enabling the development and diffusion of best practice tools, guidance, methodologies, processes, research, and training resources.
  2. Use business and market-based mechanisms to inspire and implement solutions at scale.
  3. Advocate for government policy and regulatory support.

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Join us as we move to improve the currently available Soil Carbon methods and explore new ways of being rewarded for this important activity.

Your voice will be heard as a member of the Soil Carbon Industry Group.

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Recent Industry Activity encourages a ‘peak body’ involvement

There has been a flurry of activity in the Soil Carbon industry driven by several key announcements from the Government around key changes to Carbon Farming policy settings:

$3/ha soil sampling stretch goal – a cost reduction of up to 90% on existing sampling Announced by Minister Taylor.

ARENA – 1.4bill in funding to go towards critical low emissions technologies

CEFC expanded toolkit to support critical technologies (soil carbon seq)

CER takes over methodology development – 12 month turnaround and industry co-design

The Soil Carbon Taskforce and SCIG will leverage its standing as the peak body in the Soil Carbon Farming industry to push for further funding and removal of barriers to the widescale uptake of soil carbon sequestration projects