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Matthew Warnken

Matthew Warnken

Director / Chair

Managing Director, AgriProve

Matthew Warnken is the founder and Managing Director of AgriProve, developing soil carbon project opportunities under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Matthew has formal training in natural resource management and gained undergraduate qualifications in Arts and Science from the Australian National University. He has a Master of Engineering Research from the University of Sydney, and a business Masters in early-stage commercialisation from the University of Adelaide.

Matthew has been at the forefront of emissions trading and carbon credit origination in Australia, taking Corporate Carbon from a start-up to Australia’s largest multi-sector project aggregator. AgriProve is a special purpose vehicle established by Corporate Carbon to provide soil carbon participation solutions.

Louisa Kiely

Louisa Kiely

Director / Co-Chair

Director / CEO, Carbon Farmers of Australia

Louisa co-founded the Carbon Coalition Against Global Warming in February 2006 to lobby for the right of Australian landholders to trade on the emissions offset market the credits they can earn by sequestering carbon in their soils. She has since traveled throughout Australia and the world, meeting scientists and farmers and spreading the word about Carbon Farming.

As co-founder of Carbon Farmers of Australia, she organized and ran the world’s first Carbon Farming Conference & Expo in November 2007. 2019 marked the 9th National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo, the biggest yet with delegates from every state in Australia and from all over the world.

Philip Mulvey

Phil Mulvey

Director / Secretary

Director, Carbon Count

Phil Mulvey is a specialist in soil and water chemistry with over 40 years of experience in soil science, land repair, and groundwater. He is founder of one of Australia’s leading environmental geo-science group EESI Group, was co-founder of 3D-Ag, a sustainable farm systems consultancy, and CEO of Carbon Count, the world’s first commercially available online soil carbon project management software.

Phil is part consultant, part contractor, part researcher and part entrepreneur but has always been a free thinker.

Co-inventor of the patented Fast Adaptive Algorithm of Soil Testing (FAAST), an innovative Fast Sampling methodology to quickly and easily measure and certify the carbon in a project area, Phil has trained numerous scientists in the art of commercial scientific problem-solving throughout his career and has made it his personal mission to restore 10% of the world’s degraded land in his lifetime.

Hamish Webb

Hamish Webb


Executive Director and Interim CEO, Precision Pastures

Hamish Webb is a Director and Interim CEO of Precision Pastures and a sheep and cattle farmer based near Uralla in the New England region of NSW.

Previously, he’s worked in agricultural and equity capital markets, live export, and red meat industries. Hamish holds a Bachelor of Agribusiness and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance.

Chris McCosker


General Manager, Carbon Link

Deane Belfield

Director / Treasurer

Director, Regenerative Australian Farmers

Ben Sawley


CEO, Agrimix

Philip Ireland


CEO, Carbon Neutral